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relaxed, candid, unobtrusive, storytelling // this is how I capture weddings…


my style of wedding photography

Wedding photographers tend to define themselves as a particular style such as documentary, reportage or fine art. I would say my photography has a blend of each, with storytelling at its heart. It’s a relationship that feels more like a guest capturing your day rather than a traditional wedding photographer as you can read from kind words received. I want couples to feel like they’ve booked a friend to photograph their wedding, somebody who can make everyone feel relaxed when there are moments of nerves, and most importantly, someone you can have complete confidence in. From the second I step out of my car to the end of the night, I’m there to capture it all, creatively, naturally and unobtrusively; the little details as well as the big details to tell the story. I’m always seeking those special moments, in-between moments, the interactions between guests and everything in-between. Nothing is posed apart from group photos which I talk about below; you'll never ever hear the words 'say cheese' come from my mouth at any point on your wedding day. I believe that natural images are best, it's those real moments that mean so much to people.


confetti photos

I love to capture confetti photos at weddings, an opportunity for all the guests to be involved in the fun and celebrations. Again these are captured naturally as it happens.


group photos

I’m happy to photograph group photos as I know family and group photos are important. However none of us want to be standing in the same spot as a conveyer belt of group photos are taken as that’s not much fun at all. So if you want some quick relaxed photos with your parents and siblings, nan and grandad, and the bridal party etc that don’t take too long, then that’s great. They can be formal or as informal as you like.


Couple Portraits

Couple portrait photos on the wedding day with me are natural and relaxed; you get a quiet moment away from the party and your guests (no more than 10-15 minutes) and be together. Couple portraits usually take place over two windows on the wedding day, usually shortly after the ceremony and then again in late afternoon/evening to make the most of a sunset/golden hour. This usually involves going for a walk in the surrounding grounds, walk or drive to the beach. If you book me as your all day wedding photographer then you get a free 1 hour pre-wedding photography session in Cornwall which couples find really helps on the wedding day to be relaxed and yourselves in front of the camera. Here are a selection of some photos from these sessions…


Party Photos!

I’m definitely not a wedding photographer who has the car engine running straight after the first dance. I love to photograph the party in full swing when everyone lets their hair down. I have a camera setup allowing me to capture fun on the dance floor whilst being unobtrusive. Alongside my passion for photography is music and so capturing live bands and DJ sets is something I love to photograph. In the summer months I’m often leaving weddings gone 10pm so you’ll get some great party photos.


Post Wedding

From all day wedding photography, there is at least 12 hours of editing time. I edit, colour correct, digitally process and crop images myself. I never outsource as it’s something very personal to me and I pride myself on consistent high quality images. All your edited photographs are presented in a personalised, password protected website gallery. From here you or your friends and family can download any image or order high-quality prints. The photos are ready within 6 weeks after your wedding day and I send a handful of edited images within 10 days for you to enjoy and use on social media if you wish.

Example of an engagement session in Cornwall being edited.

Example of an engagement session in Cornwall being edited.

This is the USB you will receive with all your edited images on.

This is the USB you will receive with all your edited images on.

This is what the online gallery looks like where you’ll be able to download any image & share with family and friends who can download any image too.

This is what the online gallery looks like where you’ll be able to download any image & share with family and friends who can download any image too.


final word

I love my job as a wedding photographer, I get to follow my passion for photography and spend a day with great people having the time of their lives and with complete creative control. I follow the events with my cameras capturing the big and the little details to tell the story discreetly, spiced up with my artistic touch for a fine-art feel. And at the end of it all, I get to present my couples with an incredible set of timeless images to remember their special day.


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